Paintings for Gifts

Paintings by Henry Tegner - a retired GP

My name is Henry Tegner. I have been painting in oils for a great many years. While I have had some formal training in technique I was never a "professional" artist in that I have never made my living from painting. I was in fact a busy doctor - a general practitioner based in a deprived area of London where I worked for 30 years.

I have now retired and live in Wiltshire where I have been able to take up old interests - including painting. I paint mostly small landscapes in a "realist" style - something that would be instantly recognisable if the subject was known to you. I have given away many to family and friends over the years, and I know that they are cherished.

I need to sell some because I haven't the space to keep them any more. I don't want to make a lot of money from them, and so I am prepared to sell them at what some may consider to be very low prices given the quality of the work and the effort that has gone in to creating them.

I will also consider undertaking oil paintings on commission - and would prefer to do this from good quality colour photographs.

My favoured subject is landscape and seascape. But I will also consider paintings of pets and still life.

For further information you can either email me at or you can telephone me on 07799 012 359

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